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Life-writing; Vulvas.

When I learned to draw I would do life-drawing. This involved sitting and looking and putting what I saw onto the page using lead...

Clinton, Trump and residual nipples

I don’t know what to make of the US Presidential election. Was it class, inequality, race, existential angst, information bubbles, a gigantic white tantrum,...

The Phantom Menace: Trump, Climate Change and its Threat on the Disenfranchised

For a progressive American, there seems to be no limit to all of the ways that a Trump Administration could negatively affect our country....



A tire swing hung from an aging elm where Devin would push his younger brother Corey so high I could feel my stomach drop...

The Fireman

Waiting to board a bus, her reflection tells quite a different story. A rich, young, independent woman. She shuffles forward, watches herself in the...

The Chess Game

It started small. The nudges against her father’s control, his put downs and criticisms. His expectation she would mould to his will like clay. Olga watched him...



Raising awareness for women’s and individual rights in the wake of a Trump presidency, and raising money for victims of domestic abuse.

Artists have donated their work to support these causes, pay it forward by donating to SafeSteps.

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Direct Line

Girl Power