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"Art of What" questions the pro-life movement; They show gruesome pictures with the slogan "Art of Abortion", and sample little silicon fetuses. These fetuses are the core of my project. 2,000 fetuses were ordered, and went out of stock, which prevented the pro-life organization to use them for their own activities. "12-Week-Old Rug" is a carpet made of 1,000 fetuses, ø 130 cm, 2014


First on display in the solo show Art of What in Gemak, The Hague, Netherlands, 2014.

Artists Statement

I want to participate because I already did a solo show exactly on this subject in 2014. There’s still a lot of places and countries where abortion is prohibited and even in the USA it’s becoming more and more difficult in some states. And this will worsen under the Trump administration.
Every woman should have the right to decide of her own. Every child has the right to be wanted. Every abortion should be done in a safe way. Women may not be forced into having a baby. Never. No matter what.

SOURCEBy Airco Caravan, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Conceptual artist and painter Airco Caravan lives and works in Amsterdam and New York. She studied at Academy of Arts in Utrecht, Netherlands (BA) and the Art Students League in New York. Past solo shows in Amsterdam, The Hague (Netherlands) and New York.  Group shows and art fairs in places like Amsterdam, The Hague, Abcoude, Winterswijk, Rotterdam, Druten, Vienna, Cambridge, Bristol, London, Tokyo, Lancaster, Durham, Astoria, New York.


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