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As it should be

It is simple. Many men in positions of perceived power still think they are better than us. But this is changing. One Teacher at a time.


You think that you know me
But you don’t
I look like the woman next to me
But I’m not

Don’t try and tell me that you know
My body
My mind
My desires
My limitations

I am stronger than you think
I am more driven than you expect

Perhaps you are scared at what giving me a chance might mean
Perhaps you don’t believe that I have got what it takes

That is your mistake
Not mine
Fuck you and your ego
Fuck you and your believed superiority

I won’t be told I’m worth less than you
I won’t have you make decisions that you think are suitable for me
I am tired of not having a voice

We, the people
Those who believe in gender equality

We are working hard
Spreading the word
Teaching our daughters and sons the right way
The clever way
The only way
Our children will grow up to respect equally
As it should be


Artists statement

his poem was written out of sheer frustration at the limitations placed on women around the world.  We are not second rate.  We are not lesser.

SOURCEWritten by Bernadette Chin, Brisbane, Australia.
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I am not a writer of anything other than business related and personal communication. Upon seeing the Nasty Women campaign I felt compelled to put pen to paper and have a say. My husband and I are staunch advocates for equality and are also bringing our children up to understand the importance of this. Archaic laws, unfair generalisations and gender discrimination will be a thing of the past one day. That will be a wonderful day.


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