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Beneath The Sounds of White Ribbon Self-Congratulation

The oringin of White Ribbon is being suffocated by an organisation run to profit from sustained violence against women. The White Ribbon organisation here in Australia seems primarily where disgraced footballers go to speedily redeem their reputations after beating the shit out of their wives/girlfriends/whatever woman is handy.



Artists Statement

While all aspects of feminism are relevant to me, the one that bristles and reverberates the loudest is oftentimes domestic violence and violence against women.

Because I’m a single woman with children I need a day job and my 9 – 5 sees me typing up police reports which feature a multitude of men saying, “If I know her, she probably did it to herself to get me in trouble.”

I see the women too, and some of them still girls and it is truly harrowing. I’m not at liberty to share everything I’ve witnessed, but I’m honor-bound to share the sentiment about a culture that profits and dismisses this cultural cancer.

SOURCEBy Millie Bartlett, Sydney, Australia.
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Millie Bartlett is an analogue collage artist currently based in Sydney, Australia. Her work articulates a strong visual language that is at once funny and feminist, romantic and razor-sharp, polite and political, tender and tumultuous. Contradiction is her cup of tea. Millie has spent a great deal of her creative life with paints and charcoal, however found collage in 2013 and immediately found a synergy that was lacking in other mediums. Using primarily 1950s vintage magazines and ephemera she deconstructs concepts of feminism and the “progression” of women using kitsch sensibilities and enduring stereotypes. The tension between women’s position as subject and object is a point of recurring interest in her work. A student of the male gaze, Millie creates collages that speak of the self-consciousness of the watched. She loves the smell of really old paper and never works digital.


  1. I just got cold chills reading that post.. seriously. we're going in a few weeks for our one year anaerirsnvy, and i've never been. everytime i start to research all the things i want to see, my head starts spinning, i get so excited. hope you have an amazing trip!


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