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Delicate flight

An independent woman and even though she is targeted, she is still running free.



Artists Statement

I feel that women are often targeted because of their gender. This image depicts an independent woman and even though she is targeted, she is still running free.

VIABy Frahn Koerner, New Orleans, USA.
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Francesca "Frahn" Koerner was born and educated in New Orleans, Louisiana. The geography and spiritual mysteries of New Orleans have greatly affected her work. She spends hours exploring the natural environment along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Colors from this semi tropical landscape and patterns inspired by those in nature have been a repetitive motif for her. A Catholic upbringing, Celtic heritage, Sacred Geometry, Asian Philosophy, Wanderlust and mystical experiences have guided her work. Her symbolic art is idea based, motivated by loss and transformation along with the universal quest to find oneself, one's inner wisdom or spirituality. Koerner's multi layered paintings combine geometry, figures, and patterns from nature with formal issues of line, color, value, space and repetition. Pictorial space visually fluctuates, eliciting a meditative and rhythmic response. The resulting spatial ambiguity is a personal metaphor for the spiritual and the material world co-existing. Koerner also creates mixed media photographs, drawings and the occasional Installation or video. Koerner received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tulane University. In 1997, she completed a Master of Fine Arts degree [Summa Cum Laude] in painting, with a minor in photography from the University of New Orleans. She has taught Drawing and 2D Fundamentals at Tulane and UNO. Koerner's art has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She was awarded an Artist Residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute. LouisianaArtWorks granted her a yearlong studio residency. Her work was chosen for the University of New Orleans’s inaugural St. Claude Gallery show H x W x D – Thirty Years of MFA at UNO. The state of Louisiana nominated her to be included on SouthernArtistry.org. She was in the group show "Reparation" at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Frahn Koerner Studios was chosen as a Satellite Project for Prospect.2 and Prospect.3+ New Orleans. Her work has been purchased and shown in the USA and Europe. You can see it online at www.frahnkoerner.com and http://frahnkoerner.wix.com/frahnkoerner


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