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GIRL POWER (Carolyn DiFiori Hopkins, November 2016 State Capital Building, Election Protest-Albany, NY) A girl, her shirt, her power.


Previously presented at NASTY WOMEN NYC, and in various publications including: Bedford and Bowery, Brokelyn, Brooklyn Magazine, The Creator’s Project, The Huffington Post, The Observer, Papermag.

Artists Statement

Illuminated by street lights with the capital building of the great state of New York, the Empire State behind her the young women standing with her fist in the air is symbolic of the ground swell that has turned into millions. Little did I know that night would start an iconic movement when I snapped the shutter.
The camera makes magic giving the viewer the sense that they can do anything because they are not looking at me, they are looking at themselves in the camera lens.
Perhaps only a handful of people that night saw this girl posing with her fist in the air. Because I was there to take the shot it has the potential to be seen by millions. That is the POWER.

SOURCEBy Carolyn Hopkins, New York, USA.
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I have no obligation to render or desire to describe in anything other than a liberated manner. What does it mean to make a picture? To make yet another. To then make more? Is this constructing a dialog? I am working with a direct link from camera to subject. Forget what I have learned. Just take the shot! I seek alive enthusiastic people. Through their faces, bodies, and gestures we travel the distance while finding the unintentional spark. An enhanced magical reality captured. The viewer is left to decipher.


  1. I love this stuff … I can’t get enough of old manuscripts and maps. This one was fanianctisg, but I also loved the Islamic script posts below … wonderful stuff 🙂


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