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Safe Places Dark Spaces

Safe Places Dark Spaces is about installing safety and comfort into environments that are transformed by darkness. It is a work that challenges the attitude that woman must live restricted lives to remain safe from the threat of aggravated violence and sexual assault.


Artists Statement

My submission is a photograph I took of an installation piece I staged in an alley near my home in Brunswick, Melbourne. I pass through this alley daily whilst walking from my tram to my house, but I avoid it at night. This project is a reactive approach to the fear felt commonly by women in dark places. I have created a safe and welcoming space that contrasts the dank and dark environment, to raise the question “what would it take to make us feel safe?”

Safe Places in Dark Spaces is a reaction to sexual harassment and violence against women and the restricted lifestyle we experience. I am targeting victim blaming and responding to remarks that I have read or heard in the media like ‘women are not safe being outside alone’, and that they are ‘asking to be taken advantage of’ if they do so. There needs to be a change in the attitude that we are unable to live and act freely like our male counterparts with out being labeled irresponsible. Most importantly I want to advocate awareness, protection, safety and prevention. The need is for protection, not for restriction and censorship.

-The Image is part of a larger project, including a soundscape. More can be found at http://safeplacesdarkspaces.tumblr.com/

VIAFirst published as part of http://safeplacesdarkspaces.tumblr.com/
SOURCEBy Phoebe Powell, Melbourne, Australia.
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I use photography to raise my voice, and for me photography as art is a medium that shares my interpreted reality. I take what exists, and give it something of myself, before sharing it with the audience, who also give their own interpretation to the work. This sense of engagement is what motivates me to use art to ask questions, make statements and raise awareness. Producing art as a female is in a way a feminist statement. To be able to make art and share art is powerful, and was once impossible for females unless disguised under a male pseudonym. The exhibiting of art is what gives it a voice, and shared amongst the powerful works of other artists, is what makes it roar.


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