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Ten Thousand

A young woman lives alone in the middle of the desert, until one day a handsome man stumbles into town.


Artists Statement

This is a short, feminist western I made as my thesis project for film school. I didn’t actually realise how satirical it was of conventional relationships until I was editing.

SOURCEBy Biddy O'Loughlin, Los Angeles, USA, via Alice Springs.
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Biddy O’Loughlin is a writer, actor, comedian and filmmaker from Alice Springs, Central Australia. ​ She put on her first full length play at 18, as an amateur production at her local theatre. ​ It sold out and the show was given a second run. ​ In 2011 she wrote, produced and performed a solo show called ‘The Girl Who Thought She Was Irish’ at the Edinburgh International Arts Festival. In 2012, she put on a second solo show, ‘Funny Rabbit’, at the Melbourne Fringe. Biddy graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television. ​ Her thesis film, a satirical western called ‘Ten Thousand’, earned her a Silver Screen Young Director Award in France, June 2016. ​ Her left elbow has appeared in a Heinz Soup Commercial.


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