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The Ballad of Trumpy

Inspired by the political rhetoric of the previous weeks, in the run up to the US inauguration, some fun community music aimed at uniting and raising spirits of women who know what it is like to be called names.


The Ballad of Trumpy Don
(sung to ‘Davy Crockett’)

Trumpy here and Trumpy there
Trumpy over everywhere
Trumpy up and Trumpy down
In and out with a pouty frown

Nasty, nasty woman?
Really, we don’t care

Trumpy shouts and Trumpy screams
Trumpy fingers on the screen
Trumpy’s text and Trumpy’s tweet
Trumpy’s words are never sweet

Nasty, nasty woman?
Really, we don’t care

Trumpy paces, Trumpy stares
Trumpy pauses and Trumpy flares
Trumpy’s up and Trumpy’s down
Thoughtless words from a thoughtless clown

Nasty, nasty woman?
Really, we don’t care.


Artists Statement

A song that aims to give a togetherness to women who have experienced name-calling where there seemed little opportunity to respond, at times throughout their lives. We know that words can hurt.



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