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The Confession

A poem that depicts the moment when a profound truth is spoken. It is an exercise in strength - a departure from the old and toxic, and an entry into a new life of freedom and awareness.


The rehearsals are over.
The waiting room has been emptied.

The flower-strewn teacups will not be served.
Small talk will sit like vinegar on the lip.

There will be no detour or bypass.
No backspace. No delete.

It will be a quick hurricane –
this handful of syllables.

The living room will fall silent.
The ceiling will seem made of dust.

The carpet will be turned over to reveal a mountain.
There will be a parade and scrutiny of elephants.

There will be a faltering at the entrance.
Watch the gate swing open.

A scarlet innocent.
A beating corpse.

Sweep off the diversions.
Look unblinking at the changed story.

It will feel as a startling modulation.
A record playing backward to reveal angels.

A new line will be added to the map
beneath the eyes. A new string to the grit.

Older yet younger, wiser yet clumsier,
steel with frailty, at once clean.

And standing, resplendent in black –
the truth.


Artists statement

This work captures the moment when a woman reveals something – namely, her intention to leave a toxic relationship. It is a poem about confrontation, courage and empowerment. The domestic life has been disturbed. Old, fearful habits are being shed. A new, more truthful and authentic life is about to begin. in many ways, it is a call to courage, and to an uncompromised strength of purpose.


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