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Woman of the wood

Woman of the Wood is part of a larger creative arts series entitled, 'Beyond the Veil'. 'Beyond the Veil' explores the ethereal and magical forces found all around us in Nature.


Artists Statement

Woman of the Wood was inspired by the archetype of the Celtic Green Woman. She embodies strength, mystery, and the divine feminine. She can be found wondering the forest; if she wishes to be found, that is. She is the feminine force that drives all of nature. She is a “nasty woman”.

SOURCEBy Freia Titland, New York, USA.
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This is a collaborative photo essay from both Patrick Berwise Jr., and Freia M. Titland. Freia M. Titland is a NYC based Actress, Model, Arts Educator and Co-Founder of Wiseland; an entertainment company that seeks to produce thought provoking material. After having spent many years on the stage and in front of the camera, Titland wanted to try something new. She wanted to bring her own ideas to life, and thus Wiseland was born. Having spent a great deal of time studying Tarot and Divination, Titland fell in love with the magical world. Through Wiseland, Titland is able to discuss ideas and create content that is whimsical, mysterious and sometimes a bit dark. Patrick Berwise Jr. is a cinematographer, editor and animator living in NYC. As the Co-Founder of Wiseland Entertainment, Berwise also wishes to explore content that pushes the boundaries of everyday society. He seeks to look beyond gender roles and societal norms in order to tell stories that captivate the mind and the heart.


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