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#NastyWomenEverywhere is a call-to-arts-not-arms in creative defense against threats to women’s and individual rights worldwide.

#NastyWomenEverywhere stand in solidarity with the international Nasty Women movement established in rebellion to the threats a Trump leadership has for women’s and individual rights, to halt the global echo of his voice.

Submissions are open for artists of all backgrounds and genders for on a rolling basis through January for visual arts, film and video, digital media, music, as well as stories, memoir, essays and poems on issues of women’s rights. Work can be previously published, and artists retain all rights.

#NastyWomenEverywhere is raising funds for SafeSteps.org.au – 24/7 national family violence response service.

How it all began

Nasty Women of Words has been created in solidarity with the international Nasty Women movement, spawned in New York by Jessamyne Fiore and Roxanne Jackson with a facebook post calling for artists to take action on women’s rights and individual rights in the wake of the Trump election.

The movement has ignited sister events across the USA and Globe, and submissions for the inaugural NY event had to be closed early as they were over subscribed. Artists everywhere are united in this call.

Melbourne artist Sian Darling and writer Kirsten Cameron caught sight of the call in their feed and got on board to create a place for the voice of writers, and #NastyWomenEverywhere to encourage artists of all mediums to stand together with their work in the name of women’s rights worldwide.

Trump is in the USA, but his leadership endorses behaviour and attitudes globally that shouldn’t be given room to resurface. As an international figurehead, we feel compelled to take a stance against the threats a Trump presidency poses to women’s rights for the US, and the infiltration of his views into households and politics across the globe. Yes, there is a lot more wrong with the Trump presidency and Trump than his views on women. We can’t boil the ocean, but  we sure as hell can get this bucket hot.


To get involved:

Submit your visual art, video, audio, story’s, memoir, essays and poems ASAP to make some noise.

And, #NastyWomenEverywhere with images of your own art, or sharing work you see out there in the wilds.


Want more?

Read some of the international press about Nasty Women here.



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