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Khulud Khamis

I am a Palestinian feminist writer, author of the novel Haifa Fragments, published in English in 2015 by Spinifex Press (Australia), New Internationalist (UK), and translated into Italian and Turkish. I am a feminist activist, and the co-founder of the Tuskuteesh Facebook page for Arab women to share personal experiences of sexual violence with the aim of breaking the silence surrounding this issue. Born to a Slovak mother and a Palestinian father, and growing up in two countries and between two cultures, my identity is composed of both, and my multicultural background affects my writing. I write fiction, poetry and non-fiction. I hold a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Haifa. In my fiction, poetry, as well as non-fiction, I deal with political and social issues such as identity, belonging, racism and discrimination, art as political resistance, hard-core social taboos in the Palestinian society, women and disabilities, sexual violence, and issues affecting women and the LGBTQI community, all from a feminist perspective. I am a member of the feminist collective Isha L’Isha—Haifa Feminist Center and live in Haifa with my daughter.

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