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I am editor-in-chief of Compulsive Reader, and the author of several published books of poetry and fiction, including most recently the novel Black Cow (Bewrite Books), and the poetry book Unmaking Atoms (forthcoming, Ginninderra Press). Female sexuality, sensuality, and perception have been strongly present throughout my writing especially when I’m able to conflate this female bodily sense with something more seemingly objective like the state of the environment or politics. As a second generation feminist (my mother played guitar and sung in a women’s lib band in the 1960s and she often played women’s prisons and took me on marches with her), I grew up thinking that my mother had already fought these fights and that feminism was a given. This was something that I tended to take for granted - wrongly, as has become increasingly obvious. As Gloria Steinem has made very clear, we cannot speak of post-feminism anymore because these old hierarchies are so much more firmly entrenched than I ever realised. Poetry seems to allow for the exploration of these revelations very well - the way in which we have to come to grips with our situation and identity and advocate for change, but allows for a much more subtle and nuanced exploration than political speech.

Old Hierarchies

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