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Marisa Schlichthorst is a conceptual photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, where she is also a Research Fellow in the Center for Mental Health, University of Melbourne, currently working in the fields of male mental health, investigating the impact of masculinity and social norms on heath and well-being. In her artistic work she explores the human condition, characteristics that make us human and those we are told make us human. Her work often circles around themes of taboo and aims to challenge common views and perceptions on human existence and behaviour. The thoughtful provocation of change has been a common theme across her academic and artistic work, driven by a strong connection to equality and respect. She currently studies at the Photography Studies College (PSC) in Melbourne just having completed her second year. Her work was exhibited at PSC as part of the Midyear exhibition of outstanding student from work June 2016 to December 2016 and her photo series “Pain” was published in Capture Magazine The Annual 2016 as one of four best student works of the year.

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