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Nirali Thakker is a multi disciplinary artist from India who has worked in a wide range of media- painting, photography, writing and filmmaking. She came to USA as a Masters student in painting at the Parsons School of Design, New York. She completed her MFA from University of southern California in 2004. Nirali has won several awards in painting and photography including AIFACS award. She has exhibited her work in numerous galleries in USA and internationally for the last 10 years. Nirali's work is rooted in the tangible and the metaphysical. She mixes ideas of fantasy with everyday life, making her works of acrylic and drawings on canvas an interesting mix of autobiographical expression and artistic exploration. Feelings such as love, abandonment, nostalgia, self-scrutiny or monotony are as dominant in the canvases as the characters themselves. The use of latent symbolism and humor, juxtaposed with a setting completely reflective of the ordinary gives Nirali’s works a flavor of their own. Rendered in bold colors as well as monochromatically, these hybrid multicultural images are evocative, shocking, intriguing and yet, intrinsically relatable. Nirali’s passion is to teach art and reach out to as many people through her creative endeavors as possible. Nirali lives and works in Los Angeles.

My body is mine

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